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Prepared by the UNL College of Business Administration, Department of Economics


Summary: Respondents to the October 2014 Survey of Nebraska Business regained an optimistic outlook for sales and employment. October respondents were much more likely to expect sales to rise (30%) than fall (18%) at their business over the next six months and more likely to plan to increase employment (11%) than to reduce it (7%). This outlook was much more optimistic than the mixed outlook reported in September. Within the state, respondents from the Omaha area were the most optimistic in their outlook for sales and employment over the next six months. Respondents from Southeast and Central Nebraska were only somewhat optimistic. Respondents in Northeast Nebraska and West Nebraska had a neutral outlook. When asked about the most important issue facing their business, customer demand was the top issue named by 31 percent of respondents. Respondents in Southeast Nebraska and Central Nebraska were much more likely to be name the availability and quality of labor as their top concern, hinting at labor supply issues in these regions. West Nebraska respondents were much more likely to list taxes as their top concern. It will be interesting to see if Nebraska businesses remain optimistic in their responses to the November 2014 Survey of Nebraska Business.

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