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Table of Contents

The Need to Act

I. Introduction: The Purpose of Report 1

II. The Need to Act 6
A. The National Economic and Demographic Environment 7
B. Where Nebraska Stands: A Decade of Too Little Growth And Too Much Taxation 9
C. Nebraska’s Economic Future: What If We Do Nothing? 17
D. We Can Grow Nebraska 22

Action Plan

III. Plan Section One: Government Structure and Organization 23

IV. Plan Section Two: Job Creation Incentives and Tax Reductions 41

V. Plan Section Three: Other Enhancements to Keep Nebraskans In Nebraska 104


References 135

Appendix A: Youth Retention and Development 139

Appendix B: Demographic Trends and Competitive Strategies for Regions 147

Appendix C: Some of the Latest Ideas in Economic Development among the States and Cities of the U.S. 156

Appendix D: What are Economic Development Incentives? 164

Appendix E: About the Authors 174