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A Bureau of Business Research Report From the University of Nebraska—Lincoln (September 12, 2011)


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The North Dakota Forest Service generates substantial economic gains for the North Dakota economy by providing technical assistance, education, and funding and through research, education, and outreach efforts. These efforts include programs that enhance fire safety, sustain and improve forests, aid fire departments, promote community forestry, and aid primary and secondary processors.

This report is an economic assessment of the North Dakota Forest Service for the year 2010. This assessment was developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bureau of Business Research as part of a larger study examining the impact of state forestry agencies in 4 states.

North Dakota Forest Service programs were found to have substantial economic impacts and public benefits. Table ES.1 lists the total annual economic impact of the North Dakota Forest Service measured in this study. The North Dakota Forest Service in 2010 had an economic impact of $15,798,000. This impact included $8,407,000 of labor income (wages, salaries, and benefits) spread over 188 jobs. There also was an associated state and local tax revenue impact of $1,262,000.