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Erforschung biologischer Ressourcen der Mongolei (2005) 9: 393-412.

Ergebnisse der Mongolisch-Deutschen Biologischen Expeditionen seit 1962, Nr. 256.


Copyright 2005, Martin-Luther-Universität. Used by permission.


Microtus brandti is one of the most important pest species of Mongolian rodents. Since the publication of Bannikov (1954) the area of expansion is increased, in the Archangaj-Aimag 200 km westward, in the Central Aimag 70 km to the North and in the north-eastern part of Dornogov’- Aimag about 110 km to the South. In years of gradation the plant cover was exterminated up to 100%. We can distinguish a zone of exposed harmfulness with a damage of 70-100%. In this region 16 great centers of infestation were listed. Between 1925 and 1985 six important calamities were noticed, in intervals of 8 to 14 years, in the middle all 11 years. For the calculation of population density we recommend the method of counting opened holes in the settlements of voles. After one night you can multiply the number of opened holes with the index 0.39 for evaluation of the density.