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Erforschung biologischer Ressourcen der Mongolei (2010) 11: 405-418.


Copyright 2010, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle Wittenberg, Halle (Saale). Used by permission.


Our research presents the Ixodidae-fauna in Mongolia. The current taxonomic state in Mongolia shows 19 Ixodidae taxa extracted in 308 locations from 115 bird and mammal species. In 1980, the species Ixodes persulcatus SCHULZE, 1930 and Ixodes berlesei Birula, 1895 were detected in Inget Tolgoi and Ixodes laguri OLENEV, 1929 on Meriones unguiculatus 10 km southeast of Ulaanbaatar for the first time. In 2000 the species Haemaphysalis concinna Koch, 1844 was detected in the Selenge-river area and Argas (Argas) vulgaris FILIPPOVA, 1961 was detected in the Gobi area. From the collection of M. and A. STUBBE 1 N (Nymphae) Ixodes persulcatus was detected on Microtus sp. at the Minž-gol (river in Khentey) on July 25, 2002.