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Erforschung biologischer Ressourcen der Mongolei (2010) band 11: 299-308. Results of the Mongolian-German Biological Expeditions since 1962, No. 301.


Copyright 2010, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle Wittenberg, Halle (Saale). Used by permission.


Measurements of hoof angles, hoof length, toe length, etc., and non-metrical hoof characters of Mongolian Wild Ass carcasses collected in in the South Gobi and in Bordzongijn-Gobi desert are presented. Khulan hooves are flat, wide and look big in relation to the animal’s dimensions. Remarkably is the wide variability in size, angles, in non metric characteristics like shape, color and the occurrence of particularly prolonged hoof wall and flaring walls. For example, toe angles are 52° for front and 54° for hind hooves on average. This measures and the suggested graphical model of the „ideal hoof shape“ can assist to understand equine hoof morphology and to choose proper hoof care methods for domestic equids as well as for zoo-living wild equids.