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January 1983


From Cranes of the World by Paul A. Johnsgard (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1983; electronic edition: Lincoln, NE, 2008). Copyright © 1983 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Other Vernacular Names:
None in General English use; Shuai-yu-hao (Chinese); Grue demoisella, Demoiselle de Numidae (French); Jungfernkranich (German); Karkarra (Hindi); Aneha-zuru (Japanese); Krasavka zhuravl (Russian); Grulla damisela, Grulla moruria (Spanish).

Bred at least formerly in northwestern Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, possibly northern Morocco); currently breeds in Europe from the southern IJkraine and the Crimea through southeastern Russia (north to the region of Volgograd and south to the steppes to the east of the lower Volga), eastward through the steppes of the Kirghiz, western Siberia, southern Minusinsk, and the Altai, Lake Baikal, and of southern Transbaikalia, to the steppes of northwestern Manchuria. Breeds locally southward to the Sea of Aral, western Chinese Turkestan, and Mongolia, with isolated colonies in Armenia, northwestern Tadzhikistan, and Inner Mongolia. Also recently found breeding in eastern Turkey. Migratory, wintering in northwestern Africa (from Lake Chad to the White and Blue Niles), India, and Pakistan, and more rarely in Assam and Burma. Perhaps winters locally or rarely elsewhere (Iraq, Iran, Seistan, Baluchistan), with vagrants sometimes reaching Japan, Ussuriland, and western Europe.

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