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January 1983


From Cranes of the World by Paul A. Johnsgard (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1983; electronic edition: Lincoln, NE, 2008). Copyright © 1983 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Other Vernacular Names:
Common crane, Crane; Huiho (Chinese); Grue cendree (French); Kranich (German); Kuro-zuru, Kurotsuru (Japanese); Seryi zhuravl (Russian); Grulla comun (Spanish).

Breeds in northern Eurasia from Scandinavia east to at least the Indigirka River, and probably to the Kolyma, and south to northern Germany, the Ukraine, the Kirghiz Steppes, Russian and Chinese Turkestan, Mongolia, and northern Manchuria, with isolated colonies in the Dobrogea, Turkey, and Transcaucasia. Migratory, wintering in the Mediterranean region to northwestern and northeastern Africa, the Persian Gulf region, peninsular India, and from southern China to northern Indo- China, Burma, and Assam (Vaurie, 1965).

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