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January 1983


From Cranes of the World by Paul A. Johnsgard (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1983; electronic edition: Lincoln, NE, 2008). Copyright © 1983 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Other Vernacular Names:
Sharpe's crane; Khur-sang, Korchan (Assam); Grue antigone tropicale, Grue á collier (French); Sarus-kranich, Halsbandkranich (German); Saras, Sirhans (Hindi); O-O zuru (Japanese); Belyi zhuravl (Russian); Grulla blanco cue110 (Spanish).

Resident in northern India, east to Burma, on the Malay Peninsula, and in Indo-Chinese countries, and in northern Australia. Probably extirpated from the Philippine Islands, and perhaps also from Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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