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January 1983


From Cranes of the World by Paul A. Johnsgard (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1983; electronic edition: Lincoln, NE, 2008). Copyright © 1983 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Other Vernacular Names:
Great African wattled crane; Grue caroncule (French); Glockenkranich, Klunkerkranich (German); Hooka Zuru (Japanese); Asbrikanskiy Sorodavachaty (Russian); Mothlathomo (Sotho, Sesuto); Grulla zarzo (Spanish); Makalanga (Zambian).

Resident in eastern and southern Africa, from Ethiopia in the north southward discontinuously through southern Tanzania (apparently absent from Kenya and northern Tanzania) and Mozambique to the Transvaal and Natal, and westward to southern Angola and Namibia (South West Africa), in the latter area breeding locally only. Now extirpated from Cape Province and Orange Free State, and probably declining elsewhere (West, 1976)

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