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Scientific Reports | (2023) 13:11778 |


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Inhibition of actin remodeling in nerves modulates action potential propagation and therefore could be used to treat acute pain. N-001 is a novel protein analgesic engineered from several C. Botulinum toxins. N-001 targets sensory neurons through ganglioside GT1b binding and ADP-ribosylates G-actin reducing actin remodeling. The activity and efficacy of N-001 was evaluated previously in vitro and in a mouse inflammatory pain model. To assess the relevance of N-001 for treatment of acute post-surgical pain, the current study evaluated the efficacy of N-001 in a mouse hind-paw incision model by periincisional and popliteal nerve block administration combined with mechanical testing. N-001 provided relief of pain-like behavior over 3 days and 2 days longer than the conventional long-acting anesthetic bupivacaine. Preclinical safety studies of N-001 indicated the drug produced no toxic or adverse immunological reactions over multiple doses in mice. These results combined with past targeting results encourage further investigation of N-001 as an analgesic for post-operative pain management with the potential to function as a differential nociceptor-specific nerve block.

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