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Contributions from the Botanical Department of the University of Nebraska
New Series, III.
Issued June 14, 1892.



The importance to Nebraska botanical students of the paper entitled an "Appendix to the Catalogue of the Flora of Nebraska," prepared by Mr. Herbert J . Webber, M. A., formerly assistant in botany in the University of Nebraska, now assistant in the Shaw School of Botany, St. Louis, warrants its republication by the University. It was published originally in the Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis (Vol. VI., No. 1, March 12, 1892.) The present edition differs from the first only in the correction of a few minor errors, and the rearrangement of the index.

In his preface to the first edition Mr. Webber explains that " the names of those reporting species follow in every case the name of the species reported as it occurs in the Appendix. The collector whose name follows the species, it must be understood, is to be taken as authority for its occurrence, as in many cases I have not had the opportunity to examine the specimens. Thus specimens here reported must be understood to be preserved in the herbaria of those reporting the species, or in the Herbarium of the University of Nebraska.''

The " Supplementary List " (p. 45 et seq.) includes all the species of plants added since Mr. Webber's paper went to press. It consists mainly of the additions made by Mr. P. A. Rydberg, a graduate student, in his collecting tour through the western counties in the summer of 1891, with others made by members of the University Botanical department, and Dr. H. Hapeman of Minden, and Rev. J. M. Bates of Valentine.

Specimens of nearly all the species reported in both lists, are deposited in the University Herbarium.

It is hoped that the periodical publication of accessions to the flora of the state will stimulate botanical students to a closer study of our native plants, and encourage them to deposit specimens of newly discovered species in the University Herbarium. To this end correspondence is solicited by the Department of Botany.

May 25, 1892.

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