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Published in SCIENCE, New Series, Vol. 8, No. 184. (July 8, 1898), pp. 53-55.


From the preface we learn that this work is the result of nearly five years of active study of the floral covering of Nebraska, carried on by the members of the Botanical Seminar in the Botanical Survey of the State. The systematic study of the vegetation of Nebraska was begun by Dr. Bessey in 1884, and has since been carried on by him and his students, all previous collecting having been more or less desultory and unreliable. The Botanical Survey was organized in 1892, and its work has been directed to the collecting of specimens and observations for a series of reports in which the floral covering of the State should be treated from the phytogeographical standpoint and for a series of monographs of the flora of Nebraska. A beginning has been made by the publication of three parts of the flora of the State, and the present work is the first part of the first series. The authors realize that so much yet remains to be done in many directions that a complete phytogeography of the State will be impossible for many years to come, but the work of the survey has progressed far enough to enable them to present the general facts of its phytogeography in an adequate manner and to deal with details in many of the more important subjects.

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