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Science, New Series, Vol. 40, No. 1019 (Jul. 10, 1914), p. 48


Copyright 1914 Charles E. Bessey


I have before me the " Report of the Botanist" to the Regents of the University of the State of New York, bearing date of January 1, 1868, covering less than two pages, and signed by Charles H. Peck. There is internal evidence that his services began July 1, 1867, the writer reporting what he had accomplished in the half year since that date. A year later the " Report of the Botanist " covered about 80 pages and included a short general statement followed by (A) List of Species of Which Specimens Have Been Mounted; (B) Plants Collected; (C) List of Species of Which Seeds Have Been Collected; (D) Specimens Obtained by Contribution and Exchange; (E) Edible Fungi; (F) Species Growing Spontaneously in the State and Not Before Reported. This general sequence of topics has been characteristic of the long line of annual reports that followed these made forty-six years ago.

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