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Science, New Series, Vol. 37, No. 940 (Jan. 3, 1913), pp. 1-13


Copyright 1913 Charles E. Bessey


When one who has worked long in any

field of science speaks before an audience

such as this he is expected to say something

about the condition of his branch of science

when he began work with meager and

poorly adapted apparatus, to contrast it

with its greatly improved condition to-day,

and to dwell with pride upon the finely

equipped laboratories with costly apparatus

especially designed for particular

experiments, to be found by the twentieth

century scientific student. And 1 must

confess that the temptation to do so was

one difficult to resist, for we who have

grown old in years are fain to dwell upon

the days of long ago with the garrulity

which comes with gray beads and withering

muscles. It has seemed to me wiser, however,

that this evening we should look into

the future rather than into the past, for in

that direction lies the possibility of progress,

and it is of progress that I wish to


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