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Published in Plant Ecology and Evolution 148:2 (2015), pp 297–299. doi 10.5091/plecevo.2015.1054


Copyright © 2015 Botanic Garden Meise and Royal Botanical Society of Belgium. Used by permission.


Aim – Secondary pollen presentation in flowers has been described only in a few species across about 25 plant families. The first report of secondary pollen presentation in the Cucurbitaceae family is given here.

Key result Sechium talamancensis, endemic to high elevations in Costa Rica, presents nearly 39% of its pollen secondarily on the distal ends of its petals. The remaining pollen is presented on the anthers, the primary pollen presenters.

Significance – Closely related and commercially important congeners of S. talamancensis do not show secondary pollen presentation. Potential selective advantages of the phenomenon that differentiates S. talamancensis from its lower elevation congeners are discussed.