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Published in Insect Molecular Biology 18:4 (2009), pp. 465-475; doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2583.2009.00887.x Copyright © 2009 A. M. Prokupek, S. D. Kachman, I. Ladunga, and L. G. Harshman. Journal compilation © 2009 Royal Entomological Society. Published by Wiley-Blackwell. Used by permission.


The occurrence of female sperm storage across taxa indicates the importance of this complex and dynamic process. Organs responsible for sperm storage (SSOs) and proteins expressed therein, are important in fundamental aspects of reproduction and could play a major role in evolutionary processes such as post-mating sexual selection. Given the essential role of SSOs, it is surprising that the process of sperm storage is so poorly understood. This study investigated the transcriptome of female Drosophila melanogaster SSOs (seminal receptacle and spermathecae). Spermathecae were enriched for proteases and metabolic enzymes while the seminal receptacle was enriched for genes involved in localization, signaling and ion transport. Differences in functional gene categories indicate that these organs play unique roles in sperm storage.

High resolution (600ppi CMYK) tiff files of Supplemental Figure 1, A-D & E-F, and MS Excel (spreadsheet) versions of the Supplementary Tables 1-5 are attached (below) as "Related files." PDF versions are already incorporated into the downloadable document.

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp FIG 1 A-D cmyk.tif (136583 kB)
Supplementary Figure 1A - 1D, Clusters 1-4 (600ppi, CMYK) 136 MB

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp FIG 1 E-F cmyk.tif (75820 kB)
Supplementary Figure 1E - 1F, Clusters 5-6 (600ppi, CMYK) 74 MB

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp Tab 1.xlsx (18 kB)
Supplementary Table 1 -- Categories of genes highly expressed in the ST and SR

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp TAB 2.xlsx (5141 kB)
Supplementary Table 2 -- Differential expression data from pairwise comparisons

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp TAB 3.xlsx (11 kB)
Supplementary Table 3 -- Differential expression results for microarray compared to qRT-PCR

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp TAB 4.xlsx (13 kB)
Supplementary Table 4 -- Categories of differentially regulated genes identified by DAVID

Harshman IMB 2009 Supp TAB 5.xlsx (20 kB)
Supplementary Table 5 -- Signifcantly up-regulated pathways analyzed by Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)

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