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Patent Number: 4,729,947


Appl. No.: 594,676


To sequence long strands of DNA, cloned strands having lengths longer than 100 bases are, in one embodiment, marked on one end with biotin. These strands are divided into 4 aliquots and each aliquot: (1) is uniquely chemically treated to randomly terminate the strands at the non-biotinylated end at a selected type of base; and (2) is moved continuously by electrophoresis through a different one of four identical channels. In the one embodiment, the strands are randomly terminated at a selected base type and they are moved into avidin, which due to high affinity, combines with the biotin marked ends of shorter strands before the longer strands are fully resolved in the gel. The avidin is marked with fluorescein, the strands are scanned and the signals are decoded. In another embodiment, the strands are synthesized, with termination at a selected base type and marked either by the above method or by ethidium bromide.

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