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Published in Behavioral Ecology (2020), 31(1), 12–20.


Copyright © 2019 by the authors. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology. Used by permission.


Adriana A. Maldonado-Chaparro and Damien R. Farine, Demographic processes in animal networks are a question of time

Amiyaal Ilany, Complex societies, simple processes

Orr Spiegel and Noa Pinter-Wollman, Placing the effects of demography on networks in ecological context

Ipek G. Kulahci, Individual differences can affect how networks respond to demography

Eric Vander Wal and Quinn M.R. Webber, Density dependence and eco-evolutionary dynamics of animal social networks

Daniel I. Rubenstein, On assessing the importance of demographic change for social structure

Daizaburo Shizuka and Allison E. Johnson, The long view on demographic effects on social networks: A response to comments on Shizuka and Johnson

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