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Nickerson, K.W. 2017. Science makes America great. Lincoln Journal Star, Community Column, July 13, 2017.


(c) 2017 K. Nickerson


The proposed Federal Budget cuts funding for NIH, NSF, and CDC by 16% each and for the EPA by a whopping 31%. Ouch! The situation seems ironic because of President Trump’s slogan “Make America great again!”, which I agree with wholeheartedly. In addition to being a scientist, I also love history (especially military history) and science is at the top of my list of what has made the United States great. ... Why do we do it? I’m in science because it is rewarding. It is invigorating to discover how nature works. Scientists may act individually and in relative obscurity, but collectively we really do benefit society. Topics with * indicate the contributions of my grandfather, my father, and myself. I view science as a family value, with a little pioneer spirit.