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Part 1: Ecology of the Tallgrass Prairie

Part 2: Plants of the Tallgrass Prairies:
Checklist of Prairie & Grassland Plants of Nebraska; Relative Frequencies of Grasses, Spring Creek and Nine-mile Prairies; Twenty Most Abundant Fall Forbs, Spring Creek and Nine-mile Prairies; Typical Shrubs, Forbs, Grasses & Sedges of Eastern Nebraska Tallgrass Prairies; English: Latin Name Equivalents of 370 Tallgrass Prairie Plants; Latin: English Name Equivalents of 370 Tallgrass Prairie Plants Identification Keys to Some Common Nebraska Grassland Forbs

Part 3: Animals of the Tallgrass Prairies
Greater Prairie-chickens and Native Prairies; Seasonal Checklist of Nebraska Tallgrass Ecoregion Birds (Gage County); Tallgrass Prairie Landbirds of Spring Creek & Konza Prairies; Mammals of Nebraska's Eastern Prairies; Typical Reptiles and Amphibians of Nebraska's Eastern Prairies; Typical Butterflies of Eastern Nebraska; Butterflies and Common Moths of Lancaster County; Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of Nebraska; Identification Guide to Eastern Nebraska's Common Dragonflies; Common Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets of Nebraska

Part 4: Identification Illustrations of Grassland Plants

Part 5: Locations of Important Tallgrass Prairie Preserves
Remnant Prairies in Nebraska and Adjacent States; Tallgrass Prairies in Southeastern Nebraska (map); Location Maps of Tallgrass Prairies Owned by the Wachiska Audubon Society; Location Map of Nine-mile, Pioneers Park and Spring Creek Prairies, Lancaster County; Distribution of Relict Prairies in Southeastern Nebraska (map); Footprints of Tallgrass Prairie Mammals

Part 6: References