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Published by the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 1930.


Cape Teal. Anas capensis (Gmelin) .
Spur-winged Goose. Plectropterus gambensis (Linnaeus) .
Secretary Bird. Sagittarius serpentarius (Miller).
White-necked Vulture. Pseudogyps africanus (Salvadori) .
Lappet-faced Vulture. Torgos tracheliotus nubicus Smith.
White-headed Vulture. Trigonoceps occipitalis (Burchell) .
Egyptian Vulture. Neophron percnopterus (Linnaeus) .
Abyssinian Lanner. Falco biarmicus abyssinicus Neumann.
African Swallow-tailed Kite. Chelictinea riocourii (Vieillot and Oudart).
Black-shouldered Kite. Elanus caeruleus (Desfontaines) .
African Tawny Eagle. Aquila rapax raptor Brehm.
Bateleur Eagle. Terathopius ecaudatus (Daudin) .
Bateleur Eagle. Terathopius ecaudatus (Daudin) .
African Sea Eagle. Cuncuma vocifer Daudin.
African Sea Eagle (Immature). Cuncuma vocifer Daudin.
Bearded Vulture. Gypaetus barbatus meridionalis (Keys. and Blas.).
African Harrier Hawk. Gymnogenys typicus (Smith).
Black-bellied Bustard. Lissotis melanogaster (Ruppell) .
Lowe's Sand-grouse. Eremialector quadricinctus lowei Grant.
Green Pigeon. Vinago waalia (Meyer) .
Gray Plantain-eater. Crinifer zonurus (Rüppell) .
Pigmy Kingfisher. Corythornis cristata (Pallas).
Gray-headed Kingfisher. Halcyon leucocephala (Muller) .
Crested Hornbill. Bycanistes cristatus (Ruppell) .
African Night Heron. Nycticorax leuconotus (Wagler) .
Narina Trogon. Apaloderma narina (Stephens).
Nile Helmet-shrike. Prionops concinnata Sundevall.
Thick-billed Raven. Corvultur crassirostris Brehm.
Abyssinian Wolf. Canis simensis Rüppell.
Gelada Baboon. Theropithecus gelada Rüppell.
Gelada Baboon. Theropithecus gelada Rüppell.
Abyssinian Duiker. Sylvicapra abyssinicus Thomas.

This portfolio was published by the Field Museum of Natural History in 1930 in an edition consisting of a slipcased set of 32 separate 10” × 12” lithographed plates on 10-point (approximately) natural-white stock. Each image was backed with a brief description. The images were presented within warm gray borders of approximately 1”. Some plates were vertical, others horizontal, depending on the image; the descriptions on the back reflected the orientation of the front image. The portfolio also included a 4-page folio leaflet containing a 3-page essay by Wilfred Osgood and a “List of Subjects.” The electronic edition presented here was prepared from a copy of the original published portfolio held by the Special Collections Department of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries. This copy was received as a gift from Mrs. C. Harold Claytor. Scanning was done by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities. Images were scanned at 300 dpi and saved as RGB files in JPEG format. Color corrections were made using Adobe Photoshop and the layouts were done in Adobe InDesign by Paul Royster of the Office of Scholarly Communication. The electronic edition is presented as 12” × 12” pages to allow for both vertical and horizontal images. The reverse-side descriptions, originally printed in medium gray, are shown here in black. All images are shown at their original size. Some slight damage to edges of the borders of a few plates have been electronically restored. The portfolio was published without copyright notice, making it public domain according to the law in force at that time.

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