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Published by Tribune Printing Company, North Platte, NE, 1935


During more than a quarter of a century I have been making notes and collecting information about the Owls of Lincoln county and it seemed an opportune time to put this information into print that it might be available to those who are interested in birds and serve as a basis for further study and amplification. Lincoln County is not usually considered a favorable place for Owls to reside on account of the absence of heavy timber over most of its area. But the nine varieties listed will probably be extended as more observations are made by those who are qualified to make the nice distinctions required.

My thanks are due to the folks who have assisted by bringing specimens to me for identification and study and in most cases due credit is given. I have never killed an Owl and would not want anyone else to kill one for me but I would be glad at any time to have the privilege of seeing any specimen which might be caught alive or found dead. Such specimens in the hands of one who knows about Owls might be of much value to bird students if the information is recorded.

Nine species of Owls belonging to eight genera are known to have been found in Lincoln County to date. They are:
Genus Tyto ____________________ Barn Owl
Genus Otus ____________________ Screech Owl
Genus Bubo ____________________ Horned Owl
Genus Nyctea __________________ Snowy Owl
Genus Speotyto ________________ Burrowing Owl
Genus Strix ____________________ Barred Owl
Genus Asio ____________________ Long-eared Owl and
_______________________________ Short-eared Owl
Genus Cryptoglaux _____________ Saw-whet Owl

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