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Published in Review of Curassows and Related Birds by Jean Delacour & Dean Amadon (American Museum of Natural History, 1973). Johnsgard in the AUK (April 1974) 91(2). Copyright 1974, American Ornithologists' Union and University of California. Used by permission.


To contemplate the appearance of a new book dealing for the first time with an exhaustive coverage of an entire avian family is to evoke an excitement that is all too rare an occurrence for most ornithologists. This excitement is enhanced when the bird group is one of the least studied and yet, evolutionarily speaking, most significant of the galliform families, and when the authors are as well known and highly respected as Delacour and Amadon. Anticipation reaches its apogee when the contributing artists are as competent as Albert E. Gilbert, George M. Sutton, and David Reid-Henry. After reading the book, one may truly say it has been worth the wait.

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