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From Waterfowl of North America, Revised Edition (2010). Copyright © 2010 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Fulvous Whistling Duck, Pair
Cuban Whistling Duck, Pair
Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Pair
Mute Swan, Subadult
Mute Swan, Adults
Trumpeter Swan, Pair
Whistling Swan, Adult
White-fronted Goose, Adult
White-fronted Goose, Adult
Lesser Snow Goose, Adult
Lesser Snow Goose, Adults
Ross Goose, Adults
Emperor Goose, Adult
Aleutian Canada Goose, Adult
Cackling Canada Goose, Adult
Atlantic Canada Goose, Pair
Baffin Island Canada Goose, Pair
Barnacle Goose, Female and brood
Pacific Brant Goose, Pair at nest
Pacific Brant Goose, Adult
Muscovy Duck, Adult male
Wood Duck, Adult male
Wood Duck, Pair resting
European Wigeon, Adult males
European Wigeon, Pair
American Wigeon, Adult male
American Wigeon, Pair
Falcated Duck, Adult male
Falcated Duck, Pair

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