Biological Systems Engineering


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Published in the Transactions of the ASAE 31(4) (July-August 1988): 1,086-1,091. Copyright 1988, Elsevier.


Dye dilution techniques can be used to measure rill and interrill-to-rill flow rates on upland areas. Procedures and equations for making flow measurements are described along with equations for estimating interrill length and width. If measurements of interrill length and rill width are available, use of simplified flow equations is possible.

Water and dye continuity concepts were utilized to develop generalized interrill-to-rill flow relationships. Measurement of flow from interrill-to-rill areas requires information on the concentration and rate of dye injection, and flow rate and dye concentration on both rill and interrill areas at a downslope sampling location. Dye dilution techniques could be employed to expand information on flow characteristics on upland areas.