Biological Systems Engineering


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Published in the Transactions of the ASAE 30(5) (September-October 1987): 1,419-1,424. Copyright 1987, American Society of Agricultural Engineers.


Runoff samples for determination of size distribution of sediment were collected under simulated rainfall conditions at selected downslope distances on plots covered with sorghum and soybean residue at rates ranging from 0.00 to 6.73 t/ha . The effects of surface residue and slope length on size distribution of sediment were evaluated. Substantial movement of sediment in the form of aggregates was found for each of the residue treatments. Significant differences in size distribution of sediment occurred between residue treatments. For a given residue rate, differences in sediment size distribution were found between sorghum and soybean residue. Size distribution of sediment was also determined to be significantly different at selected downslope distances.