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Published in Applied Engineering in Agriculture VOL. 15(3): 175-181. Copyright 1999 American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Used by permission.


Tractive performance comparisons among two different width rubber belt tracks, 46 cm (18 in.) and 81 cm (32 in.) wide, and two different size rear tires, 710/70R38 and 18.4R46, were made on two different surface conditions. The belts were tested on a Caterpillar 55 tractor equipped with the Mobil-trac™ system and the tires on a John Deere 8400 mechanical front-wheel-drive (MFWD) tractor. The performance tests were completed on two surfaces, one being a non-tilled wheat stubble field and the second, the wheat stubble field tilled approximately 23 cm (9 in.) deep with a Noble blade sweep. Performance comparisons using tractive efficiency, dynamic traction ratio, and slip were made. Results of these performance comparisons between the belts and tires indicate that, in general, the belts performed better. The performance differences between the two belt widths were less defined. The performance differences between the two tires suggests that the narrower tire had a slight traction advantage.