Biological Systems Engineering


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4. Preface: How Mechanization Has Impacted Food Production THE PIONEERS WHO ESTABLISHED THIS DEPARTMENT 8 Oscar Van Pelt Stout 10 Charles Russ Richards 12 J. Brownlee Davidson 14 Leon W. Chase FORMER FACULTY AND THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS 18 Laurence Froyd Seaton 20 Ivan D.Wood 22 Oscar W. Sjogren 23 Chauncey W. Smith 25 Elmer E. Brackett 27 Claud Kedzie Shedd 29 Ruby M. Loper 31 Lester F. Larsen 33 Lloyd W. Hurlbut 36 Rollin Schnieder 39 Howard D. Wittmuss 41 Deon Axthelm 46 Paul. E. Fischbach 48 Stuart O. Nelson 51 Kenneth von Bargen 56 John R. Davis 58 Robert W. Kleis 62 Donald M. Edwards 64 James Gilley 69 Glenn Jerrald Hoffman 71 Darrell Watts 78 Laverne Stetson 82 Leonard L. Bashford 88 Norman C. Teter 92 Louis Leviticus 97 James DeShazer 3 99 William Splinter DEPARTMENTAL PHYSICAL FACILITIES 105 Farm Machinery Hall 108 L. W. Chase Hall 110 Splinter Laboratories 111 Lester F. Larsen Museum SOME OF THE MAJOR DEPARTMENTAL PROGRAMS 113 Teaching 116 Research and Extension 117 Irrigation 118 Tractor Testing 128 Livestock Waste Management 130 Integrated Energy Farm 133 Conservation Tillage 135 Tractor Power and Safety Day 137 CLOSURE 142 SOURCES