Biological Systems Engineering


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Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 81-85, 1991.


Copyright 1991 The American Society of Agricultural Engineers


A study to evaluate the effectiveness of subsoiling on reducing soil erosion and water runoff from continuous com production was conducted. A rotating boom rainfall simulator was used on replicated treatments having either preplant in-row subsoiling or postplant between-row subsoiling used in both tilled and untilled surface conditions. Tilled and untilled treatments without subsoiling were used as checks. These six treatments were used up-and-downhill and on the contour.

Subsoiling reduced the rate of water runoff but did not significantly reduce the soil erosion rate after equilibrium had been reached between water application and runoff rates. Surface condition and farming direction did not significantly affect runoff. However, the untilled surface treatments had about 55% less soil loss than the tilled surfaces. The contour farming direction treatments also had about 65% less soil loss than up-and-downhill farming.