Biological Systems Engineering


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Transactions of the ASAE, vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 1468-1474, 1984.


Copyright 1984 The American Society of Agricultural Engineers


Erosion and runoff from furrow irrigation of corn was measured for three conventional and three reduced tillage systems in 1981 and 1982. The plots were located on a Hastings silt loam soil having a 0.5% slope and a 366 m furrow length. Erosion was the least for slot-planting and greatest for the chisel system, ranging from 20 to 340 kg/ha, respectively, for the first 45 min of runoff during the first irrigation. Erosion from the fourth irrigation was about 75% less than from the first irrigation. Cumulative runoff after 45 min of runoff was similar for all treatments. Nutrient losses were minimal for all irritations monitored. For most tillage treatments, no differences were measured between non-wheel and wheel track furrows for cumulative soil loss, erosion rate, sediment concentration, runoff amount and runoff rate.