Biological Systems Engineering


A cytoplasm-specific activity encoded by the Trithorax-like ATX1 gene

Ivan Ndamukong, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Hanna Lapko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ronald L. Cerny, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Zoya Avramova, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Document Type Article


Eukaryotes produce multiple products from a single gene locus by alternative splicing, translation or promoter usage as mechanisms expanding the complexity of their proteome. Trithorax proteins, including the Arabidopsis Trithorax-like protein ATX1, are histone modifiers regulating gene activity. Here, we report that a novel member of the Trithorax family has a role unrelated to chromatin. It is encoded from an internal promoter in the ATX1 locus as an isoform containing only the SET domain (soloSET). It is located exclusively in the cytoplasm and its substrate is the elongation factor 1A (EF1A). Loss of SET, but not of the histone modifying ATX1-SET activity, affects cytoskeletal actin bundling illustrating that the two isoforms have distinct functions in Arabidopsis cells.