Biological Systems Engineering


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Appl. No.: 373,447


To provide a profile of simultaneous moisture, temperature and root density characteristics at different depths of soil, a soil probe is inserted in the soil with a viewing and camera section extending above the soil. Similarly, the probe provides a profile of simultaneous moisture, temperature and presence of molds, insects or other foreign matter in grain or similar media including liquid as well as solid granulated material. The portion of the probe that is in the soil or other media includes a source of light or light conveyance and windows which transmit an image of the soil at various depths along the length of the probe through light conductors for further transmission to the viewing and camera section. Liquid crystals sense the temperature of the soil at different locations and light conductors transmit color changes of the liquid crystals to the surface so that a profile may be compiled of moisture, temperature and root patterns by observation of the transmitted images in the viewing section. Viewed and photographic images can be com pared with known color calibration standards to ascertain in situ moisture and temperature conditions of the soil profile.