Biological Systems Engineering


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Published in JOURNAL OF IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE ENGINEERING 110:2 (May/June 1984), pp. 149-164. Copyright 1984 ASCE. Used by permission.


A simulation model was developed to estimate the effect of deficit irrigation upon crop yield. The model was designed to provide relative yield estimates for numerous combinations of irrigation system, crop growth and irrigation management parameters. A daily soil moisture balance was used to predict evaporation and transpiration from which crop yields were estimated. Gross irrigation water requirements were estimated from net irrigation requirements, irrigation efficiencies, irrigation system limitations, and effective rainfall. Crop production functions that use physically defined parameters were also developed to relate crop yields to gross irrigation requirements. The production functions worked well on a limited test compared to field data. The model and production functions are general since they depend upon readily available information or physical parameters, and can be used to evaluate irrigation management alternatives.