Biological Systems Engineering


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Published in Applied Engineering in Agriculture 7(2): 170-176. (1991).


Seedigation is the use of a moving sprinkler irrigation system to broadcast seeds on the soil surface. Seed germination, plant characteristics and yield for grain sorghum, winter wheat and soybeans that were seedigated and conventionally planted are compared. When the seeding rates for seedigation were increased above that for conventional planting, and adequate moisture was available for germination, grain sorghum and wheat seedigated on tilled surfaces produced yields similar to conventionally planted crops. Seedigation of soybeans into fallow conditions, or when used as a relay crop, was unsuccessful. Shallow disking following seedigation did not improve germination or yield of grain sorghum or winter wheat. Using seedigation to plant wheat into soybeans offers good potential. Seedigating wheat into dense grain sorghum canopies was less successful.