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Singh J, Heeren D, Ge Y, Bai G (2020) Capturing Spatial Variability in Maize and Soybean using Stationary Sensor Nodes, Poster Presentation UNL Spring Research Fair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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• Irrigation in agriculture maximizes crop yield and improves food security globally • Irrigation scheduling is strongly based on the ability to accurately estimate the appropriate amount and timing of water application • The timing of the irrigation can best be informed through the crop canopy stress, and the amount of irrigation is informed through soil moisture depletion

• Developing upper (non-water stressed) and lower (non-transpiring) baselines for irrigated and non-irrigated maize and soybean • Investigating the relationship between the canopy stress and the soil moisture stress

The canopy temperature stress and soil moisture depletion had stronger correlation for non-irrigated treatments in soybean than maize