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A. Abdella, et al., Optimization of process parameters and fermentation strategy for xylanase production in a stirred tank reactor using a mutant Aspergillus nidulans strain, Biotechnol. Rep. (2020),


2020 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.


The present work studied the optimization of aeration rate, agitation rate and oxygen transfer and the use of various batch fermentation strategies for xylanase production from a recombinant Aspergillus nidulans strain in a 3 L stirred tank reactor. Maximum xylanase production of 1250 U/mL with productivity of 313 U/mL/day was obtained under an aeration rate of 2 vvm and an agitation rate of 400 rpm using batch fermentation. The optimum volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient (kLa) for efficient xylanase production was found to be 38.6 h-1. Fed batch mode and repeated batch fermentation was also performed with kLa was 38.6 h . Xylanase enzyme productivity increased to 327 with fed batch fermentation and 373 U/mL/ day with repeated batch fermentation. Also, maximum xylanase activity increased to 1410 U/mL with fed batch fermentation and 1572 U/mL with repeated batch fermentation.