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Burr, C.A., D.R. Rudnick, M.C. Stockton, R. Tigner, and K. Rhoades. 2020 Engaging farmers and the agriculture industry through the Testing Agricultural Performance Solutions program. Journal of Extension 58 (5): v58-5a3 Retrieved from


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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Testing Agricultural Performance Solutions (TAPS) program involves use of farm management competitions to increase engagement across producers, industry, and universities.Participants make several management decisions throughout the growing season in a controlled field trial held at the university research station. Results are analyzed, and awards are presented for most profitable farm, most efficient farm, and farm with the greatest grain yield. The TAPS program involves several techniques for facilitating participatory assistance, including two-way communication and transformational learning. It has resulted in participants' questioning their past management decisions and realizing that they need to improve their marketing skills to improve profitability.