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Hillyer, C. C., R. T. Peters, X. Qiao, D. M. Heeren, J. L. LaRue, C. Prestwich, and S. Bhatti. 2021. Sprinkler irrigation system field checklist. Joint ASABE and Irrigation Association (IA) Decennial National Irrigation Symposium, Paper No. 20-061, San Diego, Calif.


This recommendation came out of a noted need by the ASABE NRES-241 sprinkler irrigation committee in 2019 committee meeting for a simple checklist to quickly educate new center pivot operators on what to look for to determine if a center pivot is operating at designed performance. This checklist is meant to be simple and user friendly. Simple and clear language was incorporated purposefully. It is intended as a quick guide to new irrigators, or as a reminder to more experienced irrigators as to what to check to ensure efficient and effective center pivot and linear move irrigation system operation for optimal performance. Different checklists were developed for various frequencies of system evaluation. This was done as a cooperative project of the sprinkler irrigation committee members as an outcome of this stated need. It is hoped that this checklist can be adapted and used by growers, consultants, and other irrigators.