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Freyhof, et al. Towards a Cybersecurity Testbed for Agricultural Vehicles and Environments. Proceedings of the Seventeenth Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference, Omaha, Nebraska, May 16-17, 2022


Used by permission.


In today’s modern farm, an increasing number of agricultural systems and vehicles are connected to the Internet. While the benefits of networked agricultural machinery are attractive, this technological shift is also creating an environment that is conducive to cyberattacks. While previous research has focused on general cybersecurity concerns in the farming and agricultural industries, minimal research has focused on techniques for identifying security vulnerabilities within actual agricultural systems that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Hence, this paper presents STAVE – a Security Testbed for Agricultural Vehicles and Environments – as a potential solution to assist with the identification of cybersecurity vulnerabilities within commercially available off-the-shelf components used in certain agricultural systems. This paper reports ongoing research efforts to develop and refine the STAVE testbed, along with describing initial cybersecurity experimentation which aims to identify security vulnerabilities within wireless and Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus agricultural vehicle components.