Biological Systems Engineering


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Published in Biological Engineering 1(1): 51-63. Copyright 2008 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Used by permission.


Much has been reported concerning sorghum phytochemicals, such as policosanols, but little literature exists on how various extraction methods might be used to optimize the recovery of such phytochemicals. The purpose of this study was to compare three extraction methods for recovery of different sorghum lipids. Lipids were extracted from whole kernel and ground Macia, a food-grade sorghum hybrid, with hexane by a Soxtec method, a refluxing method (RB), and a bench-scale recirculated solvent (RC) method. Comparisons of total lipid yield and lipid class yields extracted from the grain by each method were made. Total lipid yield for the three extraction methods ranged from 0.04% to 3.59%. The extraction method affected the total lipid recovered and the composition of the extract. The Soxtec method yielded greater total lipid content and yielded greater amounts of policosanols than the RB and RC methods.