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International Journal of Tropical Insect Science (2022) 42: 2,779–2,783

doi: 10.1007/s42690-022-00786-7


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Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) is a potential insect species which can convert biodegradable materials and some indigestible organic waste into valuable biomass. Because of having good quality of fat and protein, its production and use in animal feed are being extended day by day. To fulfill the future demand re-searchers are trying to find out the successful mass rearing techniques of H. illucens in laboratory or indoor condition. However, the most critical part of H. illucens mass production is obtaining successful mating. This insect is very sensitive to light. It prefers direct sunlight for its successful mating however, artificial light has substantial effects on its mating behaviors. It was reported that light quality, intensity, duration have signifi-cant influences on the H. illucens successful mating and fertilized egg production. This review brings in forth all the information about artificial light effects on H. illucens adults for their successful mating towards the mass production in indoor condition.