Biological Systems Engineering


Date of this Version

July 2005


Written for presentation at the 2005 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Sponsored by ASAE, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida. 17 - 20 July 2005. Copyright © 2005 R. Koelsch, W. Powers, and A. Sutton.


This paper introduces the new ASAE Standard D384.2, Manure Production and Characteristics. This new standard provides an equation-based approach that integrates dry matter and nutrient intake as well as animal performance into the final estimate of total solids, nitrogen, and phosphorus excretion for seven livestock and poultry species. The manure excretion estimates of the new standard are compared with the past ASAE standard as well as other commonly used reference values for three specie groups. Significant differences in excretion are common with the new standard compared to past standards. The paper also details examples of how common industry variations in animal performance and feed program substantially impacts excretion estimates, often further accentuating the differences in the predictions based upon the new ASAE estimates and other reference values. Finally, this paper will review options for integrating this standard into planning procedures for animal manure management systems.