Biological Systems Engineering


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Paper presented at International Symposium on Air Quality and Waste Management for Agriculture. CD-Rom Proceedings of the 16-19 September 2007 Conference (Broomfield, Colorado). Publication date 16, September 2007. ASABE Publication Number 701P0907cd. Copyright © 2007 R. Koelsch, M. Risse, J. Harrison, and J. Heemstra.


This paper describes a new national learning center designed to improve the delivery of science-based information to non-research customers. The vision of the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center is to provide individuals involved in public policy issues, animal production, and delivery of technical services for confined animal systems with on-demand access to the nation’s best science-based resources that is responsive to priority and emerging environmental issues associated with animal agriculture. This project will test innovative approaches such as a web cast seminar series to connect national experts with those individuals and organizations that influence animal producer decisions on manure management issues. This paper describes the implementation of the innovative approaches used delivery of research based knowledge by the learning center .