Biological Systems Engineering


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Presented at the International Symposium on Air Quality and Waste
Management for Agriculture. CD-Rom Proceedings of the
16-19 September 2007
Conference (Broomfield, Colorado)
Publication date 16, September 2007
ASABE Publication Number 701P0907cd


Vegetative Treatment Systems have historically been a practice for the treatment and utilization of open lot livestock wastes. Use of these systems has been rejuvenated in recent years. A “sprinkler” vegetative treatment area (VTA) has been designed and developed as a proof of concept for addressing challenges experienced with small and medium Animal Feeding Operations. The focus of this paper is to report on the design, economics, challenges and the lessons learned on the development of this system. Cost data shows the cost of a “sprinkler” VTS to range between $31 to $63/head, compared to $51 to $170/head for a conventional holding pond system.