Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


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April 1999


Part 3 of 3


This paper focuses on the increasing threat to aircraft and engines posed by the recorded growth in geese populations in North America. Service data show that goose strikes to aircraft and engines are increasing, especially in North America - consistent with the growing resident geese populations estimated by the USDA. Airport managers, along with the governmental authorities, need to develop a strategy to address this large flocking bird issue. This paper also presents statistics on the overall status of the bird threat for birds of all sizes in North America relative to other geographic regions. Overall, the data show that Canada and the USA have had marked improvements in controlling the threat from damaging birds at airports - except for the increase in geese strikes. It will always be necessary for airport operators and regulatory authorities to ensure that extreme ingestion encounters are avoided. Effective airport bird hazard controls are needed now and must be maintained in the future.