Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


Date of this Version

September 2007


Landfills and airports have a long history of incompatibility. Birds are attracted to landfills for various reasons including food sources, habitat, and orographic lift. Since landfills can be avian attractants, they are required to be sited at least 10,000 feet away from commercial airports in the United States. Waste Management of Kentucky (WMK) operates a municipal landfill and recycling facility -- the Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility (OLRDF) located less than 1.5 miles south of the Louisville Standiford airport which, as the hub airport for United Parcel Service, is the fourth largest cargo airport in the U.S. As part of an expansion permit, the FAA required that WMK implement a comprehensive bird control program. As a result, WMK has developed and maintains an extensive program that includes an advanced avian radar monitoring system, two full-time wildlife biologists, and a multi-faceted harassment program. The bird control program was developed and is overseen by BASH, Inc. and is operated day-to-day by DeTect, Inc. A MERLIN Avian Radar System is used to monitor bird activity on and off the landfill. The data to date has demonstrated that this landfill operates at or below background levels of avian activity through WMK s extraordinary efforts and commitment to managing local bird populations. This paper/presentation summarizes how the program was developed, how it is implemented, and results of the radar monitoring program.