Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


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Abstract of paper presented at Bird Strike Committee USA/Canada Meeting, Lake Mary and Sanford, Florida, August 18–21, 2008.


Bird strike prevention has always shifted between a scientific and a practical approach. Bridging these two states of mind was often difficult but also fruitful. Even within science a hidden philosophical battle between curiosity-driven research and problem oriented work can be recognized. The way states and market parties deal with respect to the bird strike problem reflects cultural differences and emphasizes the need of international cooperation. Canada has played a decisive role in this respect. It is intriguing to follow the foot steps of Solman, Gunn, Kuhring, Blokpoel, Richardson and MacKinnon right from the end of World War II. This presentation will shortly explore this history and focus on the connection between the New and the Old World. By doing so, light might be shed into the future and it may clarify the transition from bottom-up "zero tolerance" and top-down "sharing the skies".