Bird Strike Committee Proceedings



11th Joint meeting of Bird Strike Committee USA & Canada, Victoria BC, Canada 14-17 September 2009


Table of Contents:
The avian radar arena
A new kid in town: ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW avian radar
Our roots in radar technology
Our roots in avian radars
From raw radar data to realtime info bird movements
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW: System design requirements driven by users
Main avian radar system requirements
System design conclusions ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW implementation
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW: Horizontal radar
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW: Vertical radar
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW: Data acquisition electronics
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW Signal/image processing
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW ground clutter filter
ROBIN Lite 3D FMCW visualization
TNO’s Bird Detection & Expel System
ROBIN is going to the market