Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


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11th Joint meeting of Bird Strike Committee USA & Canada, Victoria BC, Canada 14-17 September 2009


At the 4th Bird Strike Committee USA – Canada Joint Meeting (2002), I presented a paper more or less with the same title as this one, called “The Genoa Case”. I thought it would have been useful for such an international audience to know the outcome, at first degree level, of the first Italian civil lawsuit for damage compensation following a multiple bird strike with ingestion that occurred at Genoa airport in 1989.

Later on, in 2004, I was entrusted by ENAC (Italian CAA) to support the Agency’s defence as a technical consultant in a new lawsuit regarding another multiple bird strike with ingestion that occurred once again at Genoa airport in 1997. By working alongside the experts appointed by the Court and by the parties involved, I had the opportunity to follow the whole trial from an inside angle until the final decision in 2006.

This paper aims to describe and comment on the main plaintiff’s and defendant’s strategies in a bird strike lawsuit and the Court’s final decision. Another goal is to provide suggestions to those who are exposed to the risk of being involved in similar situations that could lead them to follow all the best recommended practices and to collect and save as much documentation as they can before a possible trial initiates.